Equitee Myanmar
Equitee Myanmar
Equitee Myanmar


It is easy to shop with 2Angel Mobile Shopping Application. Please follow our simple guide below:


You can find the products

  • - Simply scrolling down the Products page
  • - Clicking the Collections to browse the products under each collection
  • - Clicking the Catalogue page

Placing an Order

  • 1. Adding the items into the shopping cart
    • - Click on the Item you love to buy
    • - Choose the Size
    • - Click ADD to add the item into the shopping cart
    • - And continue browsing the items and add more
  • 2. Placing Order
    • - Click the shopping cart icon on the right corner
    • - Check the items, quantity and total value
    • - Click on "Deliver To"
    • - Fill your Name, Address, State, Township and Phone Number
    • - Click Next
    • - And click "PLACE ORDER" button to complete the Order
  • 3. Checking the Order
    • - Click on the side menu bar on the left
    • - Click on the "Order History"
    • - The orders will be displayed sequentially. Newest orders will be on top.