Welcome To Equitee Myanmar for Life Style... Equitee Myanmar is one of fashion retailers with three brands (Equitee, 2Angel and Angel's KID) selling in local markets through its online platform and its own sales channels in Myanmar. We started out as a small home business in workshops making women's clothing in 2015. By working closely together as single company focused on the key elements of fashion production - design, manufacture, distribution and retail - we brought our customers closer than ever the products they wanted at affordable prices.

The endeavor would be made to create sustainable innovations while making concerted efforts to improve the customers’ satisfaction. As a result, we firmly believe that the support of the customers would make a positive impact on our society to some extent.

“2Angel” Fashion Brand is especially designed for elderly Myanmar Womenfolk and which is suitable for the weather and traditional lifestyle of Myanmar people.

“Equitee“ is a Top Fashion & Comfort Clothing Brand and which is specifically designed for middle-aged men and women alike.

“Angel's KID“ brand is particularly designed for the kids aged eight to ten and which is made of comfortable, light and durable clothes suitable for wearing any season.

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